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Hi Fred-
You were my hero when I was a kid growing up in the Boston area in the 1970′s & 80′s. Now I have two boys who love baseball. Recently, I showed them some of your highlights on youtube and they think you were pretty good too. Thanks for the memories.
James Morrison, Boston
Hey Fred, I am one of your biggest fans. Growing up in the 1980′s as a left-handed centerfielder I believe watching your highlights made me a fearless baseball player too. I broke a few bones including my nose diving and crashing into walls. I blame you for that (only kidding). My number has always been #19 in any sport I played even at the tender age of 38 as I am now. The players I grew up playing ball with would call me Freddy Lynn.
Stu Whitman,
Thank you for being my idol growing up in Southern California. You were my favorite player. Fortunately, I grew up in Orange, CA when you were with the Angels. Durring my Little League Years through High School, My nickname was “DERF”, which is Fred Spelled backwards. I became a Centerfielder because that is where you played. Thank you for all the great years and memories!
RJ Foster, Orange, CA
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