Fred Lynn, Boston Red Sox, Red Sox, MLB, major league baseball, Baltimore orioles, Angels, 1983 All Star game, grand slam, hall of fame, Lynn, fred, has gathered hundreds of photos of Fred Lynn both past and present.  We have broken the photos up into the following groups:

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Fred Lynn Boston Red Sox Photos.  All thses photos are from Fred’s days on the Boston Red Sox.






What is Fred Lynn up too? Present photos of Fred Lynn after baseball in his personal life, hobbies, and public appearances.






Fred Lynn Baseball Cards.  We don’t have them all, but enjoy all these photos of Fred Lynn’s baseball cards from 1974 to 2011.






Fred Lynn photos from his days on the Angels, Orioles, Tigers, and Padres.  Fred Lynn spent 17 years playing for five teams.  Here are some select photos of him on those teams.





Photos of Fred Lynn merchandise and other miscellaneous items.  Everything from bats to jerseys.  Even paychecks from the Red Sox!






Fred Lynn magazine and yearbook covers.  We even have photos of books written about Fred Lynn.